Trial Box Endcap:
Offer curated trial boxes of the best-selling P&G products that are tried & true for you. Each box will have a coupon for the shopper to come back and purchase a full-sized item. Boxes curated to meet their specific needs, such as Home, Laundry, Beauty, etc. Every trial box purchased, P&G will round up to the nearest dollar and donate the change to The Boys & Girls Club of America.
Influencer Partnership:
Utilize relevant influencers to push out blog posts/social media content that showcases a curated collection of their favorite P&G/Family Dollar Finds. Encourage shoppers to  do the same with #FamilyDollarFinds.
Family Dollar App
Add a button to the Services section of the app that allows shoppers to take a short quiz about their lifestyle. Results pull up a curated list of P&G products that fit their specific needs. Shoppers are rewarded with a coupon to use in store to purchase an item from their curated list of results. 
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