At Essence Fest, TIAA's "Legacy Makers Studio" inspired financial empowerment through the journeys of three iconic figures: fashion designer Fe Noel, musician Wyclef Jean, and dancer/choreographer Sean Bankhead. Nearly 5,000 attendees explored interactive vignettes—a fashion atelier, recording studio, and dance studio—reflecting these creators' paths over three days.
Attendees engaged deeply with legacy building through hands-on experiences, panels with financial experts like Lynnette Khalfani-Cox, and personal storytelling. The Legacy Makers Studio celebrated Black cultural excellence, addressed financial inequalities, and empowered individuals to initiate their transformations with TIAA's guidance. Participants envisioned their financial futures on the "Legacy Wall" and left with a custom TIAA x Fe Noel tote bag, learning about retirement and engaging with interactive studios.
Agency: The Martin Agency
Production Agency: Jack Morton
Experiential Creative Director: Alyssa Gauger
Production Director: Maya Wisnievitz
Art Director: MJ Cuyan
Copywriter: Hope Thomas
Photographer: Cleo Peng
Videographer: David Freeman & Amanda Ricks

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